BRUSTRO A3 Double Sided Self Healing Eco Friendly 5 Layers Cutting Mat Metric/Imperial 45cm x 30cm Black


Brustro Cutting Mat KEY CONTENT FEATURES: * Multiple markings for various activities. Angle lines, cross lines, protractor, circles, squares etc. * Angle markings 0 to 90 degree. * Highly accurate (Class I) measurements for professional results. * Marks on all 4 edges. KEY MATERIAL FEATURES: * Self Healing Cutting Mat * Double Sided. Side 1 Metric (cm/mm) and Side 2 Imperial . 60cm x 47cm * Perfect for quilting, cutting, and various craft works. * Multiple layers, non slip material for flexible usage * Environmental friendly material. Fully recyclable. USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: * Store in fully flat position for longer life * Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat * Cut in different positions, sides and angles for longer life

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