Brustro Aqua Squeeze Leak Proof Brush Pen, 3 Pieces with Watercolor Paper, 9 Sheets, CP 200 GSM, 5 x 7 inch


Brustro Aqua Squeeze Watercolor Brush Pen Feature: 3 Pieces Water Brush Pen Set For Watercolor Painting. Durable, nylon brush holds its point. Soft, easy-to-squeeze barrel effortlessly stays in your hand. Translucent barrel allows you to monitor water supply Easy to clean. Dishwasher friendly! Great for solid colors or powdered pigment, use with watercolor crayons, markers, and pencils to spread and smooth colors. Create a watercolor masterpiece with Brustro Aqua Squeeze Watercolor Brush. Blend with water or add ink to barrel for fast, easy, and fun painting. Fill the barrel with water and blend watercolors, or fill with your favorite ink wash. The Water Brush has many uses for artists who want variety. Control the ink or water flow with just a squeeze of the barrel. The durable nylon tip will give a sensitive response for delicate lines or pools of colors.