Brustro Artists’ Fineart Graphite Pencil Set of 12 (10B-2H) with 2 Brustro ECO-PVC Dust-free erasers and Brustro Pencil wrap (24 Slots) Canvas Roll Up Carry Case


Brustro Fine Art Graphite Pencils are manufactured from superior quality graphite that empowers an artist to create his imaginations with both broad strokes and precise lines. The pencils are encased in lightweight basswood that are long lasting. the strong core of the products facilitates a more durable experience minimizing lesser occurrence of broken points. The high grade pencils, ideal for professionals and learners alike are gentle on the paper surface avoiding scratching and can also be erased with ease with a simple eraser or putty rubber. The best choice for photo realistic drawings, creative illustrations and all kinds of sketches. Brustro fine art graphite pencils are the right sketching tool for all with art in their heart.

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