Brustro Artists Gesso Professional Quality (OPEN STOCK)


A permanent flexible ready to use primer for canvas, board or even paper. It seals, protects, and gives tooth to substrates to promote paint adhesion. Water-based and can be thinned down with water. (25%) , right white ,Opaque, Water based

Water-based and can be thinned down with water. (25%). Suitable for creating a surface for both acrylic and oil paints. Flexible and can be applied in thin layers to get a variety to textures without cracking.

Can be mixed with acrylic colours to produce a range of coloured grounds.For oil painting, seal the surface first with a sealant and apply three layers of gesso to avoid oil penetration.

May be wet sanded and recoated to give a very flat finish.Can be brushed, rolled, trowelled or spray-applied.

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