Brustro Artists Hake Flat Watercolour Brush Series 1005 (OPEN STOCK)

  • Brustro Hake Hairbrush is a wash brush on a long, flat, wood handle. Useful for laying in smooth, even washes of paint or water. Artists also use hake brushes for wetting surfaces and for absorbing excess water or paints.
  • Super soft hair holds colour beautifully with large surface coverage. Made of highest quality materials and available in 3 sizes, they are the perfect brush for applying colour with a reliable and true stroke.
  • Super soft supreme quality goat hair is hand-tied to a flat shape and sandwiched between two flat pieces of wood in a special long, natural wood paddle handle finished beautifully with a matt paint in dark blue colour.
  • These brushes allow for sweeping and precise techniques for applying vivid watercolour washes, liquid inks and watercolours to canvas or paper.
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