Brustro Artist’s Pastel Papers 160 GSM A4 2 Packets of Assorted Bright Shades (Each Packet Contains 20 sheets)


Brustro Pastel Paper is mould-made, wood-free and laid watermarked 160 GSM paper . The particular grain of the surface and the highly lightfast colours are the principal characteristics of this laid paper. This pastel paper is suitable for all dry media, especially soft pastels and pastel pencils. It is acid free and particulary recommended for deluxe editions, advertising (company presentations, posters, calendars, brochures, leaflets and catalogues), fancy paperwork and book binding applications and collage. Perfect for artists’ & amatures. The absence of acid guarantees its inalterability over time. Made in Italy. It contains 20 sheets of Bright shades in each pack .

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