Brustro Artists’ Portable Lightweight Metal Easel Canvas Combo


Combo Contains:

nBrustro Artists’ Portable Lightweight Metal Display Easel Easel with weatherproof carry bag worth Rs.750 An ideal solution for any travelling artist, constructed of lightweight aluminium and complete with its own weatherproof carry case that measures 21″ × 3.5″ × 2.5″.Used as a table or floor Display Easel. Made of anodized aluminum and high impact black resin. Tri-braced center keeps legs in place for rigid support.Holds canvases from 15″ to 32″ in height and most widths.

nBrustro 100% Canvas board (sizes – 8″X10″ , 10″X12″ , 12″X16″ , 16″X20″) worth Rs.714. All Media artist canvas, high quality MDF board, Cotton cloth for better strength. Triple coats of primer & one coat of acid free sizing rigid support Medium Grain Texture 100% cotton. Universal Coating – suitable for all painting techniques Ideal for Oils & Acrylics.

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