Brustro Artists’ Tabletop A-Frame Wooden Easel 12inch


“Brustro has selected the comprehensive range of artists’ easels to make up a range of essential items to ensure that our customers have all they need to get started. Choosing an easel is an important decision for any artist. The choice will vary according to the artist’s style, preferred media and quite often availability of space. Wooden easels are a good option for the artist that wants a durable easels. Our range of fine quality wooden artist easels ensures that we meet the specific needs and requirements of any artist, while providing firm support and long lasting service. Brustro Artists’ Tabletop A-Frame Wooden Easel 12″” is made from pinewood, has a bottom canvas support and folding leg to make storage easier. Ideal for creating small-scale paintings or for displaying finished artwork especially it is great for artists and students who enjoy drawing and painting outdoors and in the studio, our Tabletop Easel offers an unbeatable combination of economy and quality. It is special designed for easy traveling light weight, it is easy to use and carry. It holds Canvases upto 10inch in height. while the easel itself can fold to a convenient 30X19X2 cm size for easy transport.”

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