Brustro Artists’ Varnish – Matte, Gloss – 400 ml Spray Can Each (Made In Spain)


Combo of Brustro Artists’ Varnish – Matt & Gloss – 400 ml spray can each ( Made In Spain ) . A final varnish for dry oil and acrylic paintings that protects them from dirt, moisture, and scuffs. Crystal-clear when applied, Enhance the beauty of your artwork while guarding it from environmental damage. Brustro varnishes are ideal as a final coating for dry oil and acrylic paintings and mix media work. it slowly dries to a gloss finish that is non-yellowing and flexible. Apply when painting is completely dry, normally within three to five days for acrylic paintings, and six to 12 months for oil paintings. One coat covers; allow five minutes between coats if a heavier application is desired. Waterproof . Brustro is a registered trademark of Creative Hands Art Materials Pvt. Ltd.

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