Brustro Artists’ Watercolor Paint Combo


The Combo Contains Brustro Artists’ Watercolor 25% Cotton Paper A5 (300 GSM), Brustro Artists’ Nylon Hair Brush Set Of 15 Brush Wallet and Brustro Kidney Shaped 20 Well Plastic Palette With Free 3 Sachets of Sennelier l’Aquarelle French Artists’ Watercolors Worth Rs. 1,945.
nBrustro Artists’ Watercolor Paper – Chlorine & acid free watercolor paper. Ideal for all fine art techniques – wet and dry , internally and externally sized for ideal absorbance.
nBrustro Artists’ Nylon Hair Brush Set Of 15 – High-quality material,excellent workmanship and attractive packaging! Good idea as gifts for beginners, kids and artists or own use for Watercolour Oil, Acrylic Painting / Body, Nail, Face Painting / Miniature, Ceramic, Model, Leather, Gesso, Craft Art Painting, etc. Brush head is crafted with premium Synthetic secured with double crimped aluminium ferrules for absolute durability assurance.
nBrustro Kidney Shaped 20 Well Plastic Palette – The palettes are made of durable plastic or wood and are easy to store and to clean. This heavy duty Oval Plastic Palette has 14 deep small wells each of 5/8″ which are great for placing fluid acrylics and regular body acrylics, while the 6 large wells each of œ” deep mixing areas provide a dam between mixing sections so colors won’t migrate. This allows easy clean up with acrylic & watercolours colors by means of using water or for oil colors with odorless paint solvents. Perfect buy for artists’ & amatures.Sennelier l’Aquarelle French Artists’ Watercolor – These watercolors are luminous, vibrant, free-flowing and lustrous.serves not only as a preservative, but also an additive that improves the paint flow while imparting incomparable brilliance and smoothness, and leaves the dried paint film with a lustrous finish. Brustro is a registered trademark of Creative Hands Art Materials Pvt. Ltd.

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