BRUSTRO Artists’ Watercolour Pan set Of 25 , ( Free Brustro Watercolour paper 14X21 cm worth Rs. 198 )


Brustro Artists’ Watercolour Pan will change the way you paint with watercolour and give you new possibilities to carry your watercolour set with you wherever you go. This unique foldable design of 25/42 colours allows for easy transportation and will make your field trips more enjoyable. Not only do all sets include colour cards and an integrated watercolour mixing palette, but we’ll also give you one Brustro Aqua Squeeze brush pen. Colours are fade-proof, pigment rich and easy to blend to create an endless range of colours to satisfy both the beginner and seasoned artist. Try these sets once and you’ll never go back to a traditional set again, especially if you enjoy plain air painting or want to take your watercolours with you when travelling. Once the trays are empty, refill with watercolour tubes and re-use.

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