BRUSTRO Colour Brush Pens Assorted Set of 12


“Brustro Colour Brush pens with Japanese nibs are the jewels of the pen world . Whether you’re an artist, letterer or crafter, brush pens deserve a place in your pen cases. Fill it in with Brustro Colour Brush Pens, that facilitates variable strokes, contouring and shading. 12 shades that lay down swaths of bright and subtle colours with each stroke. It’s durable foam brush tips are firm yet highly flexible, allows to transition between wonderfully fat strokes and thin lines without hesitation and is a delight to use for all skill levels. We assure that you will enjoy using these products and would be the best tool for adding that pop of shimmer to your artwork! Ideal for modern calligraphy, scrapbooking, crafts and more!”

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