Brustro Kidney Shaped 17 Well Plastic Palette 30 X 20 CM (MRP 175)+Brustro Plastic Palette Knives Set of 5 (MRP 150)+Brustro Artists’ Brush Wash Tub (MRP 240)


Brustro’s comprehensive range of artists’ accessories has been selected to offer discerning artists the very finest tools. Brustro has added to its accessories range a wide variety of artists’ palettes. They are suitable for use with all painting media including watercolour, oils, acrylics, tempera, poster Paints. The palettes are made of durable plastic or wood and are easy to store and to clean. All palettes are white (except the transparent & wooden) to ensure that colour mixing is more accurately judged. This heavy duty Oval Plastic Palette has 17 small mixing wells and a large surface for mixing. The Simple 5 Palette Knives Set is ideal for all kinds of painting and crafting projects. Safer to use than metal knives, these one-piece molded plastic knives are economical, durable and easy to clean. Ideal to add texture and body to acrylic and oil Paints.Brustro brush tub is a multi purpose tub with a lid for storage and easy cleaning of brushes, featuring graduated ribs at the bottom of the chamber for thorough and easy brush cleaning, brush holders in rim openings, 2 sectioned water chambers and graduated rests which allow the brushes to be suspended in liquid without crushing the filaments. The Brustro brush tub is suitable for different brush sizes and is dishwasher proof.

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