Brustro Kolinsky Imitation Watercolour One Stroke Brush Size 1/2″


Bristles – Selected synthetic hair which is perfectly imitated to the Kolinsky’s hair in elasticity and liquid holding capacity. Flat ferrule with long-length hair which ends in a square at the tip which is useful for bold, sweeping strokes. The straight edge also facilitates creating fine lines in a single stroke.

Ferrule and Handle – Sturdy nickel-plated brass ferrule mounted on a short mahogany handle. Exact painting edge which is split-proof, Flat ferrule, square-ended medium length hair, Quick paint pick-up and steadiness in paint release.

Seamless ferrule is durable and long-lasting, Bristles are arranged such that the brush is wide but not thick, Very high elasticity and more flexibility toward the tip, Very high liquid holding capacity, Perfect shape retention

Handle design is elegant and comfortable, Handle is contoured and sculpted for a secure grip that is effortless Ensures a high level of control for precise expressions and strokes, Lightweight high quality.

For watercolour applications and all liquid media, The bristles of these flat brushes can lay smooth patches of colour, make long bold strokes or when using their edges make fine crisp lines. Marks made with flat brIshes have a distinctive square edge.

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