Brustro Kolinsky Imitation Watercolour Round Brush Size 3/0


Bristles – Selected synthetic hair which is perfectly imitated to the Kolinsky’s hair in elasticity and liquid holding capacity. For watercolour applications and all liquid media, Ideal for painting flowing, wavy or any freestyle line.

Ferrule and Handle – Sturdy nickel-plated brass ferrule mounted on a short mahogany handle. Very thin, round, pointed tip, Very high elasticity – soft and flexible, Very high water retention capacity.

The seamless ferrule is durable and long-lasting, Great for exercising maximum control for adding details in your painting. The thickness of paint with these round brushes can be controlled by varying the amount of pressure from hard to soft.

Perfect snap and spring, Perfect shape retention, Lightweight high quality, Handle design is elegant and comfortable, Handle is contoured and sculpted for a secure grip that is effortless.

Ensures high level of control for precise expressions and strokes, Quick paint pick-up and steadiness in paint release, Bristles exhibit the ideal belly, spring and point for watercolours


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