BRUSTRO Metallic Brush Pens – Soft Brush Tip for Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Colouring, Scrapbooking, Card Making – Set of 10 Colours.


Brustro Metallic pens are the jewels of the pen world- they contain shimmering ink that adds a finishing touch, the same way a gold necklace accents a stylish outfit.

nWhen the occasion calls for such shine, you can count on Brustro Metallic Brush Pens for making your work sparkle. Coming in 10 different colours; they create smooth, even finishes with a lustrous sheen.Our Metallic pens are great for adding that little bit of magic and luster to your illustration. We assure that you will enjoy using these products and would be the best tool for adding that pop of shimmer to your artwork!

nIdeal for modern calligraphy, scrap booking, crafts and more!

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