Brustro Portable & Folding Art Easel Tripod Stand with Adjustable Height in a Nylon Carry Case


Whether you are a Fine Art student, an Amateur or a Professional Painter, this Art Easel Tripod Stand will make all the difference to your sketch or painting. While it gives correct posture to the painter, it will hold the painting in place. It is lightweight, strong, easy to carry and easy to set up. It takes little space in the luggage and can be packed in its own waterproof nylon carry case with shoulder strap.
nIt has three telesCopic legs with leg locks, and three sections in each leg, making it convenient to extend or reduce the height of the tripod or adjust the width of the tripod’s stance. It has a telesCopic ratcheted metal head extender with a fold-away hand crank that allows controlling the height of the top canvas holder. Spring loaded upper clamp secures your canvas or boards. Rubber caps on the legs adjust to make the tripod stand firm in uneven outdoor conditions.
nMade of lightweight and strong anodized aluminum with tough plastic, it is perfect for outdoor painting i.e. gardens, landscapes, etc. Weighing just 1.28 kg., it is capable of holding canvases of 4 kg and a maximum height of 735mm. The tripod can be extended from 590mm up to 1550mm.

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