Brustro Professional Artists’ Heavybody Acrylic Paint 237ml Light Gold (Sr 4)


Brustro Professional Artists’ Acrylic Colours are richly pigmented heavybody paints with highly lightfast colours. They are ideal for application with knives for impasto or texture and also gives you crisp brush strokes.Can be diluted with water or combined with a range of mediums for exceptional flexibility of application and finish. The 60 shades of highly pigmented vibrant colours in Brustro Professional Artists’ Heavybody acrylic Paints cover the full colour spectrum They have an exceptional smooth buttery consistency with highest lightfastness Retains the palette knives/ brush strokes on canvas, hence making them perfect for impasto work Compatible with all acrylic mediums and also can be thinned with water for washes and striking watercolour effects. They are ideal for mural work, canvas painting, photo realism and fine detailed painting or in any work requiring intense smooth colours.

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