Brustro Twin Tip Marker Set of 12 – Cool Greys (MRP 1,440) + Brustro Twin Tip Marker Warm & Blue Grey Set of 12 (MRP 1,440) + Brustro Bleedproof Marker Pad A3 (MRP 498)


A brand known for producing high quality materials, Brustro Alcohol Based Twin Tip Marker Pens are German-developed marker.The range of brilliant colors offers everything your heart could desire whether graffiti writers, professional comic artist, architect or design student. Set of 12 Cool Grey Shades and Set of 12 Warm & Blue Grey Shades in a Transparent Plastic Box.Brustro Marker Pads papers are semi-transparent, bleed-proof, solvent-resistant, non-fading, non-wrinkling white, acid free drawing paper.Ideal for Alcohol based markers, Solvent based inks. Pens & Pencils, Charcoals & Pastels, Excellent for layouts, rough comps, renderings & blending tones. Perfect for artists’ & amateurs. Made in France.

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