Brustro Twin Tip Marker Set of 36 – Basic A+ B+C (MRP 4,320) + Brustro Bleedproof Marker Pad A3 (MRP 498)


A brand known for producing high quality materials, Brustro Alcohol Based Twin Tip Marker Pens are German-developed marker. Set A of 12 Basic Shades (Incldues: Y003, Y976, Y648, Y608, G804, G127, R826, R605, R107, B118, B204, S) , Set B of 12 Basic Shades (Incldues: Y552, Y623, Y416, Y107, G743, G606, G335, R338, R607, R706, B205, B027) and Set C of Basic Shades (Includes; Y529, Y314, Y114, R218, R213, R105,G825, G515, G115, B815, B723,B258) in a Transparent Plastic Box.Brustro Marker Pads papers are semi-transparent, bleed-proof, solvent-resistant, non-fading, non-wrinkling white, acid free drawing paper.Ideal for Alcohol based markers, Solvent based inks. Pens & Pencils, Charcoals & Pastels, Excellent for layouts, rough comps, renderings & blending tones. Perfect for artists’ & amateurs. Made in France.